Inner Faith Travel – The Bible Lands Museum: 10,000 Years of History Under One Roof

The Bible Lands Museum: 10,000 Years of History Under One Roof

When visiting Israel, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of

museums and exhibitions. However, for the history lover and amateur archaeologist alike, there is no place quite like the Bible Lands Museum, situated adjacent to the Israel Museum and Shrine of the Book in Jerusalem.

The Bible Lands Museum features a permanent exhibition of original art and artifacts, which span more than 10,000-years of history, including many first and second temple-era antiquities, discovered throughout Israel.

From the moment visitors enter the museum, they are transported back in time to the Middle East of the Stone Age. Pre-historic tools, vessels, and weapons provide a fascinating glimpse into the developing cultures of the region.

Gallery after gallery, centuries of history are unrolled with stunning and compelling displays of artwork, pottery, weaponry, and literature . From the Cannanite peoples, to the age of Father Abraham and the patriarchs; our time of sojourning in Egypt, to the rise and fall of the Kingdoms of Judah and Israel; from the Babylonian captivity, to the Greek and Roman occupations – each exhibit brings you face to face with the tangible remains of our rich and fascinating past.

In addition to the permanent galleries, the Bible Lands Museum offers a rotation of special exhibits.

Willem Jansen

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