Inner Faith Travel – Safety in Israel – Part 2

Safety in Israel – Part 2

Last week I wrote in my article Safety in Israel (part 1) about how media bias and obsession with Israel distorts perception of danger levels in Israel. I quoted a former AP reporter’s testimony which stated that mainstream media has a political agenda in their reporting (

In continuing the conversation with the typical inquirer asking, “Is Israel safe?” we must go beyond showing how media distorts. We need to make them FEEL the injustice and FEEL the extent to which Israel in reality… IS VERY SAFE. To do so, we must back up our initial claim with facts.



Fact: In the November 2012 conflict with Hamas in which rockets were fired into Israel and the Iron Dome was not operating like it does today, only 6 people were killed. To put the six deaths in perspective, over 20 people were killed in Dallas alone in the SAME MONTH!

Fact: Jerusalem has less violent deaths per capita than Portland, Oregon (one of America’s safer cities) according to the AP reporter mentioned above.

Fact: Israel has less cases of rapes than Norway.


Fact: Israel has less murders than Luxembourg

Fact: Israel has an intentional homicide rate lower than Honduras,Venezuela, Brazil, Saint Lucia, Ecuador, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Russia, Barbados, Estonia, Phillipines, Peru, Ukraine (even before their war), Thailand, Chile, Argentina, Georgia, Northern Ireland and more than 65 other countries. One of those 65 other more dangerous countries is… the United States of America. In fact the rate in the USA is over twice as high as Israel. That means you are more than twice as likely to suffer intentional harm in America than in Israel. ()

I could go on but I don’t think there is a need. The facts are clear. Israel is safe.


Willem Jansen

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